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Drone Inspire 2 with Zenmuse X5S

Inspire 2

The latest addition to DJI's professional range, the INSPIRE 2 is currently the most successful professional quadricopter on the market. Faster, safer and more powerful than its predecessor, the INSPIRE 2 allows image processing up to 5.2K resolution. Above all, It is very fast, and now allows to follow subjects at 100 Km/h with an extraordinary image stability. The INSPIRE 2 allows us to considerably increase the image prospects for our customers, thanks to the Cinema DNG and ProRes recording formats, worthy of Hollywood productions.


Drone Inspire 1 Pro with Zenmuse X5

Inspire 1 Pro

The INSPIRE PRO is a DJI drone. Released in 2015 in its PRO Version, it carries a Zenmuse X5 gimbal. Very fast and agile, the INSPIRE PRO brings you video and photo solutions in constraining environments. This makes it a major asset in aerial shooting at a professional level. With more than 18 minutes of fly-time, it possesses the latest technologies of intelligent flights, which allows SKY VISION to provide its customers with very difficult pictures to obtain, by flying safely.

Gimbal: ZENMUSE X5

Drone Inspire 1 Pro with Zenmuse X5
Drone TBS Vendetta

TBS Vendetta & QAVr

Unlike their two big brothers, the TBS Vendetta and the QAVr are Drones designed to exploit an enormous agility at very high speed. Very light (<1 Kg), they are able to fly at more than 120 Km/h. Equipped with sensors such as GoPro HERO 4, they can film in FULL HD up to 60 FPS. Their extreme agility and precision allow us to fly very close to the subject, in order to obtain unprecedented shooting angles. Piloted in immersion, they guarantee you images of your wildest sports achievements!

Gimbal: GoPro Hero 4

Dji X5S

Zenmuse X5S

This camera is the latest in 4/3 cameras dedicated to aerial imaging by drone. Mounted on the INSPIRE 2, it allows very high image quality and color sensitivity. With a resolution of 20.8 Mio pixels, the X5S captures more details than previous gimbals. Able to shoot up to 5.2K in Cinema DNG and ProRes format, the versatility of the recording formats of the Zenmuse X5S allows SKY VISION to support an intense level of work, whatever the type of project.

M 4/3
5.2K 30FPS
4K 60FPS

Drone: Inspire 2

Dji X5

Zenmuse X5

The Zenmuse X5 is a high performance Micro 4/3 camera. It is the first compact 4/3 camera specially dedicated to aerial shots. With a resolution of 16 million pixels, the quality of your images taken by this sensor (mounted on the INSPIRE 1 PRO) will speak for itself. Capable of filming in 4K to 30 IMS and Full HD to 60 IMS, the Zenmuse X5 allows SKY VISION a very complete level of control. At any time, we can manually modify various parameters to bring you the best settings for your project.

4/3 MFT

Drone: Inspire 1 Pro

Dji X5
GoPro Hero 4

GoPro Hero 4

GoPro cam, more commonly known as Action Cam, allow fast, high-quality sporting shots. Very light and compact, this type of gimbal is intended for sports aerial shots. Installed and mounted on our ultra fast Drones, the GoPro will record up to 60 IMS in Full HD. The combination of this video camera and precision steering in immersion, bring unprecedented freedom of perspective, which will give your images of special flavor!

4K 30FPS
2.7K 60FPS

Drone: TBS Vendetta & QAVr

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