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Tourism promotion

Want to elevate your Marketing? SKY VISION offers you to stand out from the competition with a tailor-made solution to highlight what you want from above. Take advantage of our know-how and get new perspectives from your city or region.

Whether your wish is to integrate aerial films or panoramic photos, our team creates with you a series of plans and sequences according to your needs and constraints. Choose the quality, the desired lens type, and actively participate in the shooting during the flight. SKY VISION uses professional drones capable of filming safely at over 65 Mph with a cinema camera resolution.

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Events coverage

Footages captured by drones can be vectors of great emotions. They often present unusual angles and points of view with outstanding creativity and image variety. To complete footages taken from the ground during an event, SKY VISION supports you throughout the event, in order to get the best images at the right time.

Images taken by drones allow you to enhance your event by gaining new perspectives. Contact us in order to precisely define your need and get an offer accordingly.

ski picture from aerial view drone


You practice a sport? You want to highlight your brand or skills? We have the drones to catch you in full action. Our "Adrenaline" service is designed for high-speed and HD shots. Whether it is a Ferrari on a curvy mountain pass, or a slalomer on a ski slope, all the way to a mountain bike rider speeding down a dusty trail, SKY VISION is the ideal partner for you to produce breathtaking images.

We work with very fast drones (up to 130 Km/h) in order to follow any subject, whatever the environment. We also use FPV (First Person View) glasses to fly immersive, for example in forests, for technical and precision flights.

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Estate agencies

We know, competition on the real estate field is tough. In order to highlight your different properties, we offer you an aerial shooting service specialized in enhancing your real estate. Complete your sales brochures or newsletters with original shots or video clips, highlighting your real estate assets from atypical angles, both indoor and outdoor.

SKY VISION moves with its cutting-edge cameras to provide you with unrivaled drone shooting quality. The drones we deploy enable fast and efficient work without unnecessary flight time.

corporate picture

Corporate movie

Aerial images represent an ideal showcase for the local businesses of our regions. Through a promotional clip, SKY VISION SA follows you on the field and in your premises, in order to collect unpublished and spectacular images that will enhance your visibility and your Marketing development.

Capable of following complex production lines thanks to their multiple sensors, our drones can evolve in very small environments, bringing a multitude of original points of view for your institutional film.


For manufacturers with more technical needs in terms of aerial photography, we offer a range of services adapted to these needs.

3D mapping

Industrial inspection

SKY VISION SA provides its experience in precision piloting in order to carry out inspections of superstructures, roofs, or electrical installations at high height.

Drones make this type of work much easier, which now allows to detect anomalies without resorting to heavy and expensive logistics. By guaranteeing all the necessary security, we direct our drones wherever you want, in order to obtain a quick and accurate assessment.

model 3D - aerial view building site construction

3D mapping

The photogrammetry allows us to model in 3D the subject of your choice. With computer programs used by our services (Pix4D, Agisoft), we deal with 360 ° panoramas of very high resolution captured by our drones.

The resulting 3D models are extremely accurate. The technology we use allows us to set up automatic flights, with a precision of capture in the order of one centimeter.

Chantier construction drone

Site supervision

As a foreman or chief of operations, follow the progress of your job site and easily visualize the progress of the work. Thanks to our monitoring and data collection, you can now, with a single click, follow the installation period.

SKY VISION establishes with you a number of flights during the work duration. The GPS relay that equips our flying equipment allows us to take photos automatically, always at the same place to guarantee a great regularity in the shots and a high precision.

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